What is Crazy Volley?
Crazy Volley is the site for playing Blobby Volley and Blub games and tournaments with the specific unusual rules.
I don't want to play such "crazy" games. What should I do?
This site is not decided for such games. If you want to play usual games, you should like Blobby Volley League site that is decided for this.
With what kind of rules can I play there?
You can choose specific rules on Game types page or create your own rules there and stick to them.
How can I play games here?
You should visit the Main page, there you should choose "game type" in the table and "invite" some players from the list, clicking on such buttons beside the player: . If the player accepts your invitation (his name should appear in "opened games" box), you can play the game in the "Blobby Volley 2" or "Blub". After the end of the game both players should enter the score of the game.
What to do if my opponent has falcificated results or was playing unfair?
You can save the game replay in the "Blobby Volley"/"Blub" and upload it to the site. It will prove your fairness. In the case of unfair behavior you can cancel the game. But don't forget that cancelling games that already started without any reasons is unfair too!

How to vote for a game?
Open game replay, watch it, then vote-box will appear
I had noticed some bug on this site or have some useful advices or ideas for changing it. Where should I write?
You can write me to e-mail or into the skype: warm_wind85.
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