1. Insults, all forms of discrimination, and illegal hyperlinks are forbidden;
2. Every player is allowed to have 1 account only;
3. When you came into the server, you should open the chat and write a game type name into it to ensure that your opponent knows it;
4. When both blobbys are moving in the game (it shows that both players are ready) you can start to play the game;
5. After the end of the game you have to enter the score;
6. If you have to interrupt the game out of many lags or another valid reason you can do this. Later the game can be reconvened and the points can be rereached by jumping on the ball;
7. Every player has to use the same nick in Blobby Volley game, Blub game, Hairy Harry game, Blobby Volley League site and on this site;
8. If you have account on the Blobby Volley League site, you should link it to your account on this site (see instructions here);
9. Every player should use his common sense. Unfair behaviour, which is not explicitly mentioned here, isn't allowed neither;
10. You have to carry out rules of specified game type;
11. If player has broken the rule (deliberately or accidentally), he should give his opponent one point by not hitting the ball or not jumping on the ball;
12. Playing with lags is a part of usual gameplay in Crazy Volley League. Winning points because of lag isn't unfair, so you shouldn't replay that points, if both players don't want to;
13. If you know English, you should write only English on this site;
14. It is forbidden to create few tournaments for one day;
15. It is forbidden to create new game type which is combination of other game types or similar to other game type;
16. It is forbidden to create new game type with "usual" rules, with no specific details. Only crazy volley, only hardcore!
© Yury Sitnikov, 2012