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Author: chameleon
Time: 4 september 22:42

chameleon, 4 september 22:42:
This is a place to write some support questions, ideas about site, etc.
Cumparablex, 20 september 18:56:
hello very nice page! the only thing which disturbes me a bit is the auto-actualisation of the page. when you play blobby and have the page opened in the background this auto actualisation irritates and causes laggs :(
chameleon, 20 september 19:07:
Hmmm... BVL does the same. Do you want to refresh the chat all the time?
Cumparablex, 21 september 15:13:
BVL does not refresh the whole site. i find it disturbing when i have a loading symbol every 10 sec in the browser tab. you get the same effect with the firefox addon "reload-every". how i want to play blobby while having the crazysite in the background, so that i can the changes in the chat while playing. and this reloading every 10 secs is disturbing and causes laggs
chameleon, 21 september 15:56:
CVL reloads only chat and invitations ^^
Chat - every 10 seconds, invitations - about every 25 seconds.
But thanks for the reply - I'll think how to make these reloads faster!
BVBenni, 22 september 19:21:
Cumpa is right, BVL does not refresh anything. Shoutbox is written in AJAX, so it always "refreshes" itself when something new is written there
chameleon, 22 september 19:45:
Ajax is refreshing, too. But I changed shoutbox and chat refreshing just now, so now it should be much faster and not annoying ^^
BVBenni, 23 september 12:58:
Much better now, i think! :)
Cumparablex, 2 october 15:39:
check-in system 30-10 min before tournement start. otherwhise i wont sign in a few days before start, because when i then cant participate, because of whatever, i get many def losses, which is bad for ranking. with checkin system i will sign in a few days before start, because i get automatically signed out when i not checked in 30-10 min before tournement start. i hope you know what i mean...
chameleon, 2 october 16:56:
Hmmm, maybe, better way is to open registration just 30 minutes to tournament start?
By the way, def-wins and-losses don't change the ranking.
Cumparablex, 2 october 18:29:
yes of course. normal registration with check-in would be a combination of how it is now and what you suggest above.
but now as i now def-losses dont count for ranking i dont care anymore and just sign in all :)
Cumparablex, 9 october 9:05:
the creator of a tounement should have the possibility to give def losses. because otherwise a match with a offline player ends 0:0.

the driple elimination is buggy. maybe also because of 0:0 results.
chameleon, 9 october 16:09:
Yes, because of 0:0 results both players coming to the next group.

Now the solution is enter 16:0 when your opponent is offline. Later I'll make this possibility.
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