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Author: chameleon
Time: 4 september 23:04

chameleon, 4 september 23:04:
Here I'll write about site updates and my plans about them.
If you have an idea about some new feature you would like to see on the site - please create a new thread for it, don't write here.

So, the last created features:
  • it may be obvious, but... forum :)
  • you can vote for the games that have a watchable replay (watch help to see how to do it); you see voting results on "user info", "games", "ranking" pages
  • Blub-support

Also... Don't forget that you can create new tournaments and game types, too ;-)
chameleon, 7 september 22:26:
Watching Blobby Volley replays online (without downloading file) is available, again. Also, I'm working on watching Blub replays online.
chameleon, 20 september 18:36:
I did a great refactoring to the site, so there could appear some bugs... Please tell me if you see one of them. Thanks for understanding =)
chameleon, 23 september 12:22:
Watch to the top: there is sound button. If you switch it on, chat messages will cause a sound.
BVBenni, 24 september 15:02:
Doesn't work on my Firefox :P
Cumparablex, 24 september 16:18:
same problem :/
chameleon, 24 september 16:20:
Thanks for the reply, I'll fix it today ))
chameleon, 12 october 12:03:
Since now, registration for tournaments is being opened only 30 minutes to tournament start.
chameleon, 12 january 17:46:

  • Tournament admin can do def-losses and resolve score conflicts
  • Invite-bug fixed
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