Forum - Anyway to add Hairry harry to the CV site?

Author: KiWi
Time: 8 december 5:27

KiWi, 8 december 5:27:
Or my mod:

Pictures are on the first post.

Very good game the physic can be customised and mods are supported.
chameleon, 8 december 20:36:
I can't even download this game. Strange site %)

Maybe, sometimes I'll do Hairy Harry support here, but not now, cause much work with Blub and Blobby
KiWi, 9 december 1:16:
ok i understand but try it before :)
The correct link was in the first post here:
just click on the blue link: "Télécharger Hairy Harry v1.2.0 en français [fr 1.5mb] "

Speed increase with the number of hit;)
chameleon, 9 december 3:19:
Mmmm ))) Cool thing!
I just must support it! But later, anyway.
KiWi, 9 december 10:16:
ok np but if u want to try it online before am here :)
chameleon, 10 december 22:52:
KiWi I did Hairy Harry support here ^^
KiWi, 11 december 8:50:
good but we must try it online before :)
chameleon, 11 december 11:34:
Well, you should come to the site in the evening to meet me online.
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