Game types - Firewall

Name: Firewall
Short names: none
Idea: Try to hit opponent's wall
1. Every time when ball hits your wall, your opponent scores one point. Usual game score is multiplied by 10 and is added to the "wall score".
For example, Foo plays a game with Bar. Now usual score is 3:1. The ball was hitted Foo's wall 13 times, Bar's wall - 7 times. So now final score is 37:23 (3*10+7:1*10+13).
2. "Blobby Volley" engine can't calculate the wall hits, cause it's not decided for it, so you should do it yourself.
3. It's easy to lose count in this game type, so be patient and tractable, please: confirm the result of your opponent, if it doesn't differ a lot from yours. If it differs a lot, but there is a chance that your opponent is right, enter the middle of your and his scores.
Hint: ball flies far when you hit it strictly diagonally (at 45 degrees)
Score limit: 50
Hard to play: no
Longest game: katja - chameleon (5:55, Blobby Volley)
Author: chameleon

© Yury Sitnikov, 2012