Game types

Sticky mode (sticky)
Play without jumping up
Jumping Jack (jump, jj)
Non-stop jumping up
Try to hit opponent's wall
Lags'n'bugs (lags, LnB)
Very laggy games' score should be written here
Fast game till 2 points
One-Hit-Wonder (ohw, 1hit)
Just touch the ball once
The Double (double, 2hit)
Just hit the ball twice
Back defence
Don't jump behind the net and try to do low hits
Face the reality (ftr, reality)
Teamplay with real Volleyball rules
Usual Blub
Fast as a shark (fast)
Play at 120% speed or faster
Turn by turn
You can move only when ball is on your side
Each new mistake gives one point more, on a progression
Play just like tennis
© Yury Sitnikov, 2012